A translation of underwater soundscapes

by Holly Drewett

‘A translation of underwater soundscapes’ is an installation by Holly Drewett influenced by the work of Dr. Louis Hadjioannou, marine ecology researcher at the Cyprus Marine and Maritime Institute (CMMI) and the underwater audio data-sets recorded by them and their collaborators in their efforts to assess marine biodiversity and threats.

The work seeks to transfer data collection and analysis methods applied by CMMI in to a visual language. It references sounds of species found in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea and highlights the extraction and identification of particular sounds from the general soundscape and background noise. It continues the artist’s research into the marine ecology and the other-worldliness of sonic spaces that are so rarely heard.

Artist Bio

Originally from Cornwall, Holly Drewett holds a BA Fine Art from Falmouth University and an MA in print from the London, Royal College of Art and she has since exhibited internationally. Working between image and sound, Holly creates a personal dialogue between the two. She works across a variety of media including print, painting and installation.

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