Geodesic Dome

by Thinker Maker Space

The Geodesic Dome is an experimental project of the Thinker Maker Space (TMS) team; a dome structure with a variety of digitally fabricated modular joints designed to allow for it to be scaled up or down. Intending to afford flexibility to the user in creating different types and sizes of geodesic domes, the design offers liberty in expanding the possibilities of customization and digital fabrication of new versions with ease of tinkering with variables such as size and thickness of the material.

The Geodesic Dome’s CAD (Computer-Aided Design) is one of TMS’s prototypes, soon to be available for sale to designers around the world via INNEDGE, the innovation online platform of CYENS. The blueprint will be available for download and usage via CAM (Computer-Aided Machinery).

Artist Bio

Thinker Maker Space (TMS) of CYENS is a multifunctional creative space that supports local entrepreneurs, designers, artists and researchers. TMS promotes technology led innovation by encouraging the local creative community to develop projects that utilise digital fabrication techniques and rapid prototyping.

The space is open to the public under a membership program, offering easy and free access to cutting edge equipment and professional technical support. TMS organises various exhibitions and delivers numerous talks and workshops. These initiatives provide an important milestone and a point of reference for creatives, not only for Cyprus and the eastern Mediterranean but also internationally.

TMS was designed to meet the standards of a creative innovation hub within Nicosia’s historic centre. The project is co-funded from the European Structural Investment Funds E.S.I.F, allocated to Nicosia Municipality for the implementation of its Sustainable Urban Development Strategy “SUDS”.