Heave Ho

by Frédéric Coispeau, Alexandre Muttoni, Florence Noé& Camille Giraudeau

This is a video game where cooperation between players is vital to make their way to victory.

The players have to rise to a simple challenge: avoid a deadly fall! You will have to use your two hands and the outstretched arms of your friends to swing over the void. Grab the saving hands of your companions in extremis, climb on them while they are suspended at dizzying heights and throw your friends towards the ground before joining them in a joyful magma of tangled arms and hands.

Artwork from the exhibition “Escape: L’ humanité numérique”, French Institute

Artist Bio

Frédéric Coispeau (creative director) and Alexandre Muttoni (artistic director) are the co-founders of Le Cartel studio. Florence Noé is a game developer who worked on Battlefleet Gothic. Camille Giraudeau is composer and sound designer, founder of “Dreams Of a Drowned” and “Stagnant Waters” groups.