Hybrid live set

by Elyse Tabet

Creating soundscapes is one way of making an alter-reality from sounds of the real – placed in derivative environments. The live set Elyse proposes is a slow buildup of drones and field recordings from various environments, triggered by control voltage and interrupted by explosive beats. Human notion of time seems to be more and more out of sync with the speed of technology. Our perception of time is also being altered by these multiple speeds in the virtual world as they get more and more embedded in our physical world. The set is built around triggering concrete sounds in various speeds over the analog sound of oscillators to create an experience of displacement and polyrhythm. Her visual work revolves around signs and the universal iconic, and how a set of primitive visual components can constantly create new meaning through context. In live audio/visual shows, the sounds trigger signs and icons on a black screen and audio parameters affect the screen’s visibility.

Artist Bio

Elyse Tabet works as an audio-visual and electronic music producer. The sounds she composes and performs range from electroacoustic to electronica, ambient, noise and breaks. Her music is texture-heavy and currently focused on modulating recorded sounds with CV and ambient electronic music. She is based in Lebanon where she recently co-founded the Beirut Synthesizer Center.