Le Grand Générique

by Antoine Schmitt

The end of the road or a film that is rewritten ad infinitum? We are all human and all main actors in the Great Movie of Life with Digital! Sign up! TAKE ACTION!

Long credits scroll slowly across the cinema screen, from bottom to top. First name, last name. First name, last name… This is a list of the names of all human beings. Everyone is named, and all names are displayed with equal visual prominence. The list is neither chronological nor alphabetical. The font, display size and scrolling speed allow for each name to be read.

Artwork from the exhibition “Escape: L’ humanité numérique”, French Institute

Artist Bio

At first, programmer in human-computer relations and artificial intelligence, Antoine Schmitt is a plastic artist who creates works in form of objects, installations and situations to broach movement and question its plastic, philosophical or social issues. Heir to kinetic art and cybernetic art, nourished by science fiction, he questions the dynamic interactions between human nature and nature of reality.