Loopla Rocking Chair

by Dergon

Loopla, Rocking Chair is Dergon’s way of introdusing itself to the public. The meaning of “loop” as a coding concept, and “loop” as in plastic reuse demonstrate the company’s basis of practice and scope grounded in the field of digital crafts. The result is a printed item that reuses locally reclaimed plastic from old boat parts and robotic 3d printing to, formulated as an appealing and playful rocking chair. 

Artist Bio

DERGON practice explores the intersection between public ( δήμῐοςdmios, )  and making (ἔργονérgon) within the fruitful ground of our digital era for the creation of objects, spaces and tools prioritizing on a positive social impact. The practice is immersed in interplay of materials and making which explores the possibilities of digital tools such as robotic arms to 3d print, milling, bending, welding for the fabrication of its end results. Curiosity for problem solving encouraged the practice to explore social issues such as waste plastic and reverse their negative impact by giving new life in discarded items such as cd, plastic furniture and electrical appliances for the creation of objects such as furniture and spaces.

Interrelated with the practice processes is love for tools which extend the boundaries of traditional tools and their ability to shape the identity of the end product and explore new creative paths that occur only with hands on digital craftsmanship and beautiful mistakes that occur during fabrication processes. Working as practical digital makers with, our motivation is to design soulful and interesting and objects places which embrace and celebrate the complexities of the real world.