Sensor Experiments

by Jeanine Verloop

During her stay at CYENS Verloop will further explore the link of the visitor to her work. “I would like to research how I could integrate electronic sensors in my kinetic installations. I imagine involving the public even more intensively in my installations by using data from the visitors as movement input, and so create a deconstruction based on sensor input.“

During the festival she will present a number of experimental prototypes made with the laser cutter and 3D printer using input from the visitor.

Artist Bio

Jeanine Verloop (Korendijk, Netherlands, 1994) makes kinetic sculptures and multimedia work in which she combines her love for the craft with a fascination for technology.

In her most recent works Symbiote and Evanescent, constructed almost entirely from borosilicate glass, she explores notions of fragility and deconstruction around technology. The works are machines that seem to self-destruct. Verloop sees the work as a deconstructive performance, in which she herself has taken on the role of assistant. The viewer’s anticipation is inextricably linked to the work.