Sonic Billes

by Alexis Malbert

5 minutes 30 seconds
Sonic Billes

This is a construction participatory project to build a circuit of sound balls.

With his 100% Do It Yourself sound objects and interactive devices, Tapetronic (Alexis Malbert) questions our relationship to technology and our environment in an approach that is as artistic as it is scientific. In Sonic Billes! he invites the audience to build with their own hands a totally unusual circuit of marbles, made of salvaged objects, DIY materials, diverted and recycled electronic instruments. Through ingenious systems, conceived by the collective imagination, the marbles trigger sounds of all colours. This video/tutorial proposes to discover as examples six first circuits realised by the artist, and concludes with instructions to build your own circuit.

Screening from the exhibition “Escape: L’ humanité numérique”, French Institute

Artist Bio

Alexis Malbert (alias Tapetronic) is a sound artist, inventor of unusual musical objects, and passionate animator who considers workgroup as a form of creation in its own right. He is at the crossroads of genres, from music to plastic arts, from hacking to pranks!