The Fall of R'Thea: A location-Based storytelling experience

by Doros Polydorou

  • Theatro Polis OPAP
doros polydorou

Virtual Reality offer storytellers a new medium to tell their stories. The medium offers new potentialities but also comes with its own unique challenges. In this talk, I will present The Fall of R’Thea, a research project that explores alternative and experimental storytelling techniques that utilize mechanisms borrowed by immersive theatre and game design. I will break down the project, from inception to production, and I will identify the methods of engagement going into detail about environmental storytelling, players agency, spatial navigation, methods of engaging various senses and methods of telling a story by combining VR and other mediums.


Dr Doros Polydorou is an Assistant Professor at Cyprus University of Technology. He is a creative coder and digital artist with a keen interest in immersive technologies. Doros has a background in multimedia design and computer animation, and he is currently teaching the 3d animation modules at the department of Multimedia and Graphic Arts. Doros has worked internationally in universities in Singapore and the UK in both artistic and commercial projects. He is the co-founder of the Media Arts and Design (MAD) lab, and his current research interests explore experimental narratives in site specific performances, installations and exhibitions.