The fall of R'Thea

by MADLab (Cyprus University of Technology)

  • 11, 12 & 13.11 | 17:00-20:00*for the above dates reservation is required
the fall of r'thea

As part of a special team of experts, you are asked to infiltrate R’Thea, a virtual world created by a sentient A.I. Techno God. All communications with the city have been lost and an alarming message has just surfaced from one of the scientists working on the project. Work with your team to uncover the secrets of the city and the terrifying reasons behind the collapse of Project R.


The Fall of R’Thea is a location-based storytelling experience for three to five people. 

Art Direction: /

3D Modelling: Lazaros Rafail Kouzelis

Environmental Design / 3d Modelling: Paris Constantinou

Unity Programming: Savvas Avraam

Music: Demetris Savva

Comic book artist: Stella Violari

Set Design / Digital Fabrication: Thanos Vozikis

Story: Doros Polydorou

Director: Doros Polydorou

Supported by: Thinker Maker Space, CYENS ITICA , CYENS Center of Excellence

Artist Bio

MADLab (Media Art & Design Lab) comprises a multi-disciplinary team of artists, creative technologists, designers, theorists, and digital craftsmen pursuing situated research in the field of art and technology. The Lab is under the Cyprus University of Technology and is co-directed by Doros Polydorou and Marinos Koutsomichalis since March 2019.