Walls 2.0

by Tamara Kametani

Walls 2.0: Augmenting border reality is an experience enabled by a multiplayer AR app that explores the notion of borders, separation, and freedom of movement. Designed to be experienced in groups, participants use an augmented reality app that creates a temporary virtual wall between them, simulating the separation in real life. Rather than designed for individual use alone, the app is intended for multiple users all interacting with the same wall, questioning whether an experience shared amongst the group and its inherent dynamics is any different from experiencing the wall alone. In the era of growing desire to build more and more walls around nation-states to secure the borders, the app enables these barriers to be experienced in a way that might soon feel the most natural, albeit most artificial- digitally, through a phone.

 Project was supported by public funding from The Arts Council of England

Artist Bio

Tamara Kametani is a visual artist based between Athens and London working across media including photography, video, installation, and sculpture. Her practice is largely concerned with the topics of border politics, forms of surveillance, distribution of power, and the proliferation of technology. Kametani is particularly interested in the role technology plays in the construction of contemporary and historical narratives and its effect on forming our understanding of reality. She holds an MA Contemporary Art Practice, Public Sphere, from the Royal College of Art. Recent exhibitions include: All In, At Least a Possibility…, Kunsthalle Bratislava (2022); It might be nothing, but it could be something, Eastside Projects, Birmingham (2021); TransLocal Cooperation, Furtherfield, London (2020)); For the Time Being, The Photographers’ Gallery, London (2019); and [ENTER], Triennial of Photography Hamburg, Hamburg (2018); amongst others.