Where is my (deep) mind

by Julien Prévieux

15 minutes
Where is my (deep) mind

Do we know how computer programs develop artificial intelligence by using and learning from our data? Should we trust them? In the movie Where is my (deep) mind?, four artists are embodying different experiences of Machine Learning. These actors, both experimenters and subjects of experience, show a range of machine learning processes from sports movement recognition to buying and selling of negotiation techniques. Codified gestures and words, transferred to machines that are completely unaware of the cultural context, produce as many unexpected slips or errors, behavioral forgeries with comic overtones.

This movie is part of a corpus of works, with What Shall We Do Next and Patterns of Life. Those works are based on the study of the influence of technologies on the body, and similar methods of artistic translation aimed at having performers reincarnate scientific materials.

Screening from the exhibition “Escape: La guerre des datas”, French Institute

Artist Bio

Julien Prévieux is an artist, director and teacher at the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris. He became famous in 2007 when he published Lettres de non-motivation and received in 2014 the Marcel Duchamp prize.